Youth electrocuted inside NEA office while stealing power goods

Dhankuta, Jan 21: A youth has been electrocuted inside the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) office here. The youth of around 22 years age is believed to have intruded the office with the purpose of stealing power goods from inside the office. The youth is yet to be identified. His charred body was recovered Thursday afternoon inside the NEA premises that sees a flow of 33,000 volt of power, according to police. The body has been sent to the Dhankuta District Hospital for a post-mortem. Meanwhile, a youth has gone missing in the Arun river. The incident took place on Thursday afternoon as Tek Bahadur Manandhar,15, of Sinhadevi Chowk of Pakhribas municipality-5 was trying to take a bath in the river, police said. Manandhar had reportedly gone to take part in the cremation of his neighbour and was taking bath after the rituals were over, Dhankuta police spokesperson Bimal Basnet said. A search has been launched to find Manandhar.

  • 100 migrants in Saudi Arabia left high and dry without jobs

    Saudi Arabia, Oct 11: Around 100 migrant workers in Saudi Arabia have reportedly been left high and dry without jobs for the past one and a half months. Failure of their employer to provide them with jobs has made the matter worse. Currently, the migrants, who reached Saudi Arabia through Kathmandu-based manpower agencies like Golden Eagle Manpower (GEM) and Adventure Human Resources in Sep यो [...]

  • Indigenous-Ethnic and Regional Federation slams 16-point pact

    Kathmandu, June 12: The Indigenous-Ethnic and Regional Federation has objected to the 16-point pact recently made by the major four parties. The federation general secretary Suresh Ale Magar, in a press release today stated that the pact has weakened the ethnic identity and the rights as it has not addressed the wishes, demands and need of the oppressed and the marginalized communities. Simi यो [...]

  • Pakistani activist Sabeen Mehmud shot dead in Karachi

    A leading Pakistani human rights activist has been killed in a drive-by shooting in Karachi after hosting a talk on allegations of torture in the province of Balochistan. Sabeen Mehmud was shot dead as she drove home with her mother, who was also attacked. Ms Mehmud had been the subject of death threats before. Tributes were paid to her on social media as soon as new यो [...]

  • Is Dubai the best place for women in the Middle East?

    The newest generation of women in the United Arab Emirates looks a lot like Farha Alshamsi: educated and career-minded. The 31-year-old has two degrees, holds a senior position in a government agency and runs her own communications and advisory company on the side. “We have women working in all sectors and the government does a lot to support women… families are encouraging both males and fe यो [...]

  • Rainstorm kills 32 in Bihar

    An unseasonal storm with heavy rain and hail killed at least 32 people, injured more than a hundred and caused heavy damage to the winter wheat crop in eastern India, officials said today. Most of the deaths were caused yesterday night by tin roofs that were blown off of poor people’s huts by winds reaching 65 kilometres per hour in northeastern parts of Bihar state, meteorologist RK Giri said. यो [...]

  • What’s the Yemen conflict really about?

    In recent months Houthi rebels from the north have swept through Yemen, capturing the capital, forcing the president into exile and laying siege to the southern port of Aden. Are geographical rivalries the key to the conflict? The Houthi are Shia Muslims, supported by Iran. The rest of Yemen is mostly Sunni Muslim, and Saudi Arabia is leading a bombing campaign against the Houthi forces. So is th यो [...]

  • A sea-tossed storm of human misery is hitting the shores of Italy in waves

    We are at the beginning of a massive and mounting crisis with no solution in sight. Perhaps that's incorrect. The migrant crisis that has suddenly drawn hundreds of journalists to Sicily has been brewing for years, but in the past 10 days, with as many as 1,600 deaths in the Mediterranean, suddenly minds are focused -- for now. Almost exactly four years ago, in Libya, I caught, perhap यो [...]

  • Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian ‘faces Iran spy trial’

    A Washington Post journalist who was detained nine months ago in Iran is facing four charges including espionage, according to his lawyer. The paper's Tehran correspondent, Jason Rezaian, is accused of "collaborating with hostile governments" and spreading "propaganda", his lawyer said. Mr Rezaian was arrested in July and charged in December but the accusations against hi यो [...]

  • Syria war: ‘Chlorine’ attack video moves UN to tears

    Syria war: 'Chlorine' attack video moves UN to tears - BBC News// // // // // // -1){g(o);return true}return false},set:function(o){return document.cookie=o},get:function(){return document.cookie},_setPolicy:function(o){return h.apply(this,arguments)},readPolicy:function(){return b.apply(this,arguments)},_deletePolicy:function(){i(e,"",m)},isAllowed:function(){return true},_isConfirmed:function(){ यो [...]


Mobile postal service launched from today

KATHMANDU, April 28: The General Post Office has begun mobile postal services to locals aimed at pro ...

GSM Mobile World Congress fruitful: Minister Karki

KATHMANDU, March 13: Minister for Information and Communications, Surendra Kumar Karki, has returned ...



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