More than 35,000 in Ilam use traditional cook stoves

Ilam, Feb 19: Against the backdrop of a mission to rid Ilam of indoor air pollution caused by traditional in-built cook stoves within this year, the number of households found to be using reformed cook stoves has climbed to 22,000. District Development Committee's 21st District Council has taken a decision to ramp up the construction of reformed cook stoves as part of the campaign to declare the district free of indoor air pollution. Despite the DDC's goal, of the total of 64,502 households, 35,700 households are still found to be using traditional earthen cook stoves which is heated by burning wood, charcoal and animal dung or crop residue. Such traditional fire or mud stove produces smoke harmful for human health. District's Pyang, Gorkhe, Siddhithumka, Lumde, Soyang, Namsaling, Sankhejung, Jitpur, Mabu, Shantidanda and Maimajhuwa VDCs have already been declared free of indoor smoke, Namsaling Community Development Centre's District Cooking Stove Coordinator, Prakash Khatiwada said. The authorities are planning to declare Gajurmukhi, Ibhang, Aamchowk, Naya Bazaar and Barbote VDCs free of indoor smoke within this year. A total of 22,000 households are now using reformed cook stoves while 35,700 households continue to use traditional fire. A measly 4,775 households in the district use LP gas cylinders for cooking. RSS

  • ‘Insomnia triples the risk of asthma’

    Feb 2: Sleepless nights can bring on asthma in adulthood - more than trebling the risk among chronic insomniacs, according to new research. And those who struggle to nod off most nights are more than twice as likely to develop the potentially fatal lung condition. The risk rises by two-thirds among those who regularly have difficulty falling asleep, according to the study of almost 18,000 adul यो [...]

  • Is there really such a thing as a normal heart rate?

    Fast, slow or irregular, what should your normal heart rate be and when is the best time to take your pulse? Jan, 26: For most of the time, you probably never give your heart beating away a second thought. That’s of course until you fall ill or suspect you might be suffering with a heart-related health issue. “Many people don’t know what their heart rate is or what it should be,” says Dr यो [...]

  • Spicy food could be the secret to a healthy heart and a longer life

    Jan 19: If you're a fan of spicy food you're in a luck, as a new study has suggested that eating chilli peppers could be the secret to a longer life. Researchers from the University of Vermont analysed over 16,000 American men who had completed the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1988 and 1994. They found that over a period of 19 years roughly 34 per cent of the men die यो [...]

  • Marijuana’s health effects: The good, bad and unknown

    NEW YORK, Jan 14: It can almost certainly ease chronic pain and might help some people sleep, but it may also raise the risk of getting schizophrenia and trigger heart attacks. Those are among the conclusions about marijuana reached by a federal advisory panel in a report released Thursday. The experts also called for a national effort to learn more about marijuana and its chemical cousins, यो [...]

  • How stress causes heart attacks and strokes

    Jan 12: The reason why stress causes heart attacks and strokes may finally have been discovered by scientists, leading to hopes that it could prevented. For years experts have puzzled as to how chronic anxiety leads to heart problems. But now scientists have found that people who have heightened activity in a part of the brain linked to stress - the amygdala - are more likely to develop cardio यो [...]

  • Eye tests may reveal more than we think

    Jan 11: Information about the latest medications, theories, charities, new methods of diagnosis, causes of disease or after-care drops into my inbox daily and it is always fascinating to see how medical specialties cross over each other in research. Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a little-known condition that produces silent visual hallucinations in some people who have lost 60 per cent of vision. यो [...]

  • HIV infected death rate rises in Nepal

    MORANG, Jan 10: The death rate among the persons infected with HIV/AIDs has increased despite a decline in the newly transmitted cases, Sparsha Nepal, Biratnagar said at a press meet held on Monday. On the occasion, National HIVAIDs Federation Chairman, Achyut Sitaula, shared that the total known population of HIV transmitted persons in the country until 2015 stood at 40,000. Due to increasing यो [...]

  • Shoulder pain could be a sign of heart disease

    KATHMANDU, jan 8: Do you have shoulder pain? Do you feel, or have you been told, that you just strained it lifting, moving, falling, twisting, etc.? Have you done it over and over and know it’s just because you are “too old” to do that? A recent study from the University of Utah has found otherwise. Kurt Hegmann, M.D., M.P.H., Director of the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environme यो [...]

  • Indebted kidney patients hope for longer life with immediate implementation of free dialysis decision

    KATHMANDU: With a feeble body, wrinkles on her forehead and a little hope for (longer) life, kidney failure patient Binita Oli, 31, from Ota VDC of Rolpa, a hilly district in mid-western Nepal, is waiting for her turn to undergo hemodialysis at the Bhaktapur-based Human Organ Transplant Center. This is now her routine of life, with the need for a dialysis two to three times a week. Just two yea यो [...]


Baglung’s Bhim Sunar makes a mini car using wood and motorcycle parts

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4G to be made accessible in iPhone from March: Nepal Telecom

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