After 40 there is a high chances to have heart attack: Dr. Bhattarai

Dr. Anil Bhattrai is a Professor of Manamohan cardiovascular and transplant centre at Tribhuwan University, Institute of Medical Science studies, Teaching Hospital. The explanation here in is made on Dr. Bhattarai. The young cardiac surgeon of Nepal: *What are symptoms of a heart attack? What are the risk factors of heart disease? Ans: Symptoms of the heart attack are: left sided chest pain, which might be very severe to mild, depends on the area of the myocardium involved in heart attack. In pre heart attack condition person can feel some pain in left side of the chest which can radiate to left arm and left part of the jaw. If that kind of chest pain prolongs more then 30 minutes then you have to suspect heart attack and needs to consult with a doctor. Risk factors of the heart disease: heart disease you can divide in congenital heart disease and adult heart disease. Risk factor for congenital heart disease: smoker mother, old age of the mother like more then 40 years. Hereditary factors, severe illnesses during pregnancy and use of some drugs like antibiotics, blood thiner and many other. For adult heart disease risk factors are: smoking, obesity, dislipidemia ( increased blood cholesterol level ), genetic factor, excessive use of fat, carbohydrates and salt, lack of physical activities ( regular exercise), excessive use alcohol. *Which age group has high risk of heart attack? Ans : After 40 there is a high chances to have heart attack in people with above mentioned risk factors, but it can happen even earlier at thirties. *Is there any correlation in between nutrients and heart attack? Ans: As I mentioned already balanced diet is very important to prevent heart attack so needs to increase,fruits and fresh vegetables in our meal and avoid fat and salt. *Daily exercise or diet, which one is more important to prevent heart disease? Ans: Both are important but I think more important is daily exercise. *Rheumatic fever can damage our heart? Is ECG a proper diagnostic tool for heart problem? Ans: Yes rheumatic fever can damage our heart basically heart valves. So once you suspected having rheumatic fever needs to go for echocardiography check up to rule out involvement of the heart valves to the rheumatic process.  ECG is one of the tools to diagnose heart problems but not all diseases can be diagnosed by ECG only. In some cases ECG can play a supportive role to suspect the disease.

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