We support the efforts made in constitution amendment process: Ambassador of India to Nepal, Rae

Ambassador of India to Nepal Ranjit Rae has said that the relation between Nepal and India has been positive. He believes that the bilateral relation between Nepal and India has reached to another height after Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi came into power. He made it clear that Indian government has always wanted peace, progress and stability in Nepal. Rae's term as the ambassador to Nepal has ended, and is set to return to India. The edited excerpt of an interview between Ambassador of India to Nepal Rajnit Rae and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala: How has the Nepal-India relation been during your tenure? Nepal-India relation has relation has been very positive and strong since ancient period. Since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, we have been in continuous effort in making the bilateral relation between Nepal and India even stronger- which we are still working, especially in the developmental areas and economic partnership.  There has been question on Indian government's intention regarding its interference in Nepal's political matter. What do you say about it? As I have already told you, India's only wish towards Nepal is its stability, peace and development. Prosperity and stability here (in Nepal) will help develop even more positive relation between two countries. India's only interest in Nepal is on how economic partnership between two countries can be formed so that the bilateral relation can be made even stronger. Does it mean India is not interfering in Nepal's political affairs? It is up to Nepal's political leaders and people to decide on Nepalese political matters. All we want is the establishment of political stability in Nepal. Relation develops on these basis and trust. You have been from villages-to-villages of Nepal. What did you find about Nepali people's feeling for India? Yes. I have been to almost all the districts of Nepal. What I found is Nepali people have the feeling of closeness and respect towards India despite some political remarks on Indian government from some political parties.   But, CPN UML chairman KP Oli has said there is Indian government's pressure in the process of constitution amendment, hasn't he? It is a must that we understand psychology first. There is history that India has always been supportive to Nepali people's feeling and Nepal's democracy. What was reason behind India's disagreement while promulgating constitution, and now in constitution amendment? So far the question about the constitution of Nepal is concerned; we have always said the same thing- that Nepali constitution should be Nepali people's constitution. Inclusion of all in the constitution will create stability. It is to decide by the people and political leaders of Nepal on how Nepal's constitution should be designed. Indian Prime Minister Modi while addressing the parliament of Nepal had said constitution has to be inclusive, hadn't he? Of Course, he had. Then isn't the current constitution is inclusive? There have been efforts for that. It means India is happy with Nepal's constitution! Constitution of Nepal is for Nepal and Nepalese people. India's happiness or dissatisfaction has nothing to do with Nepal's constitution. All India want is Nepal's constitution should include all the people, on which they are working. Has India complete support on Nepal's constitution? We have been saying that we have support on the current efforts, and we believe that this constitution will now represent all the communities. What is India's notion about Nepal's election? Election has to be held or anything else? Of Course we say election should be held- for the implementation of constitution and strengthening democracy here. India has a complete support on Nepal's election process.  

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