Deer in Sukhlaphanta

A herd of deer is seen in the Sukhlaphanta National Park in Kanchanpur on Sunday. Photo: Sher Bahadur Singh/Rss

  • Worries on reconstruction rather than election

    Locals of Barpak village, northern part of Gorkha district engage in reconstruction of the houses destroyed in the April 2015 earthquake. Locals here seem more concerned about the reconstruction of houses rather than the upcoming local level election scheduled for May 14. Photo: Prasanna Pokhrel/Rss/April 20, 2017. यो [...]

  • The boy who survived crocodile attack

    Arjun Harijan of Bharatpur Municipal-23, Jagatpur Ghailaghari. The 12 year old survived a crocodile attack on March April 7 while he was swimming in Rapti river, near Chitwan National Park. He is currently undergoing treatment. Photo: Narayan Dhungana/RSS यो [...]

  • ‘Local level election? I don’t know about it.’

    A woman from Siddhi, a remote village of Chitwan district, carries her child and goods to her home. She is completely ignorant about the upcoming local poll scheduled on May 14. Although the election date is approaching, the door-to-door presence of political leaders with election-related programs in rural areas is not as expected. Photo: Narayan Dhungana/Rss यो [...]

  • Bisket Jatra: Day 8

    Newari women in their traditional dress during the eighth day of Bisket Jatra in Bhaktapur on April 17, Monday. Photo: Laxmi Garu यो [...]

  • Jomsom Bazar

    Jomsom Bazar seen from Gharpojong-5, Thini on April 16, Sunday. Photo: Santosh Gautam यो [...]

  • Baghbazar-Putalisadak Cleaning Campaign

    Youths engage in a cleaning campaign of Baghbazar-Putalisadak road section organized by the Baghbazar Consumers' Committee on April 15, Saturday. Photo: Mukunda Kalikote यो [...]

  • Bull Fight in Nepal

    Locals watch bull fighting in Gurjudhara, Kathmandu on April 14, Friday, organized on the occasion of New Year and the First Chandragiri Festival 2074. Photo: Mukunda Kalikote यो [...]

  • Muktinath Horse Ride

    Pilgrims travel on horse on way to Muktinath temple on April 10, Monday. Locals there have been providing paid horse riding service to the visitors and pilgrims starting from Jharkot of Baglung to Muktinath. Photo: Santosh Gautam, RSS यो [...]

  • Jatayu Vulture Restaurant in Nawalparasi

    Vultures feed at a carcass at Jatayu Vulture Restaurant in Pithauli, Nawalparasi district on April 6, 2017, Thursday. Photo: RSS Jatayu Vulture Restaurant, the first vulture restaurant in Asia, is a sanctuary for vultures set up in Namuna community forest in Pithauli of Nawalparasi district. The vulture restaurant provides safe food to vultures and preserves them from the brink of extinction यो [...]


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