Facebook assumes on a bigger role in journalism

NEW YORK, Jan 14: Facebook is launching a journalism project aimed at strengthening its ties with media organizations to help them expand their audiences, come up with new products and generally promote trusted news in today's "post-truth" era. The project is in its early stages and as such, light on specifics. But the company envisions Facebook engineers working with news organizations to create new ways of telling stories and novel advertising or subscription models, right from the early stages of development. The company also wants to help promote "news literacy" and support local news. "It's very early in the process but certainly something we are really excited about," said Dave Merrell, lead product manager at The Washington Post, which is among the news organizations working with Facebook. "We worked with Facebook on numerous products over the years, but often were not involved in the product development stage." INSTANT GRATIFICATION With "Instant Articles," launched in 2015, the social network hosts and displays news items directly instead of pointing users to news websites. Such instant stories load faster on Facebook than those on outside links, and Facebook gives participating publishers a cut of the advertising revenue from Instant Articles. But publishers also lose some of their ability to connect with their readers, understand their browsing habits and direct them to other stories and video. So Facebook plans to start testing a new feature of Instant Articles that will show readers multiple stories from the same news organization. As part of that change, Facebook could also improve the way its algorithms recommend other stories — that "people also shared" — to users. Its automated system has sometimes suggested purported news articles that included unverified information or that were only marginally related to the original story. FACEBOOK GROWS UP The move suggests Facebook is starting to accept its outsized influence over how people get their news, even if it's not a traditional publisher itself. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 40 percent of American adults get news on Facebook. And it follows the company's announcement last month that it is taking new measures to curb the spread of fake and misleading news on its huge and influential network. The news literacy aspect of the project is relevant to that effort. Facebook says it will work with outside organizations on how to help "people in our community have the information they need to make decisions about which sources to trust." To start, the company is working with the News Literacy Project to produce a series of public service advertisements on the issue. But Facebook acknowledges that its efforts to fight fake news, such as by making it easier for users to report false articles and working with outside fact-checkers to debunk such stories, are still very early. The journalism project's goal is to increase transparency and help Facebook figure out its role in news, Facebook product director Fidji Simo said in an interview. "(With) being a new kind of platform comes a new kind of responsibility," she said. "It's definitely something we are thinking about very carefully." Working with news organizations, she added, will hopefully lead to products that will be "better than what we would have done on our own."AP

  • Hackers probe defenses of Middle East banks : FireEye

    USA, May 23: Hackers are probing the defenses of banks in the Middle East, targeting employees with infected emails which gather information about the banks' network and user accounts, FireEye researchers said. FireEye, a U.S. cyber security company investigating the February attack on Bangladesh's central bank in which hackers stole $81 million, said there was no apparent connection with the h यो [...]

  • New grant policy on renewable energy issued

    Kathmandu, May 23: The Government of Nepal has revised the grant policy related to the renewable energy technology sector. The renewable energy grant policy is aimed at streamlining the grant to the renewable energy sector for development of clean, reliable and easily available renewable energy to the people by 2030. The Renewable Energy Promotion Centre executive Director Ram Prasad Dhital यो [...]

  • Radio Sagarmatha starts operating from its own building from today

    Kathmandu, May 22: Radio Sagarmatha, the first community FM radio in the South Asia, marked its 20th anniversary by starting to operate from its own building in the Capital today. Established in May 22, 1997 and run through 102. 4 megahertz by the Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ), the radio earlier was operating from a rented building in the Capital. Its new earthquake resilient यो [...]

  • Seven smart city as per provincial structure

    Banepa, May 11: Minister for Science and Technology, Shiva Lal Thapa, has said that seven smart cities would be built in line with the provincial structure as per the new constitution. Talking to media persons at Dhulikhel today, Minister Thapa said that preparation was on to promote biotechnology in seven provinces through the budget. Minister Thapa said, "We have wanted that it should यो [...]

  • Citizen charter on digital technology

    Nawalparasi, April 26: Ramgram municipality has brought into practice the citizen charter using digital technology for the first time. The municipality has become the first government agency in Nawalparasi to introduce such practice. The digitalized charter has displayed all the services delivered by the municipality office to the right holders. The digital technology is expected to provi यो [...]

  • Villages without mobile phone connection

    Ilam, April 23: People of some localities at Jirmaley village in the eastern part of the district are without mobile phone services for years. Although communication service is available in most of the VDCs in the district, the Salakpur area here lacks the mobile phone service. Nepali mobile phone service is not available here and the locals have to rely on the Indian mobile phone.Ward Numb यो [...]

  • New policy soon on utilisation of information technology, Minister Rai says

    Kathmandu, March 17: Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai has said that the Ministry of Information and Communications is preparing to formulate a new policy in regard to integrated utilisation of information and communications technology in three phases of natural disaster, namely pre-disaster and post-disaster and during calamity. Minister Rai shared that the policy wo यो [...]

  • NTC launches new social networking site ‘Meet’

    Kathmandu, Jan 18: The Nepal Telecommunications on Monday unveiled a new social networking portal ‘Meet’ with a prime aim to develop relations among the customers. Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai inaugurated the networking site by chatting with NTC Bhojpur Chief Ram Kumar Mahji. Under the new site, users can exchange pictures, audio and visual, and scripts. The netw यो [...]

  • Technology producing fuel from plastic waste to be introduced

    Kathmandu, Jan 14: The government is all set to introduce the technology of producing fuel from plastic waste in the country. The Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has installed the system producing fuel from plastic. Chief at the Faculty of Technology at the NAST, Dr Suresh Kumar Dhungel, and Eco Party Chairman Chiseko Matsumoto today signed the bilateral agreement in this regard यो [...]


Facebook assumes on a bigger role in journalism

NEW YORK, Jan 14: Facebook is launching a journalism project aimed at strengthening its ties with me ...

Hackers probe defenses of Middle East banks : FireEye

USA, May 23: Hackers are probing the defenses of banks in the Middle East, targeting employees with ...



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