Nuclear test will be dangerous: China warns North Korea

BEIJING, April 15: China today warned its ally North Korea against carrying out a nuclear test, saying such a "dangerous and irresponsible" move could lead to a breakout of conflict at any moment amid soaring tensions with the US. Conflict over North Korea could break out "at any moment", China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, warning there would be "no winner" in any war as tensions soar with the US. "There has been heightened tension between the United States, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The precarious situation deserves our attention and concern," Wang said without directly referring to strong retaliation threatened by US President Donald Trump if North Korea resorted to nuclear test. "We urge all parties to refrain from inflammatory or threatening statements and deeds to prevent the situation on the Korean Peninsula from becoming irreversible," Wang told reporters following talks with French Foreign Minister Jean- Marc Ayrault. Later, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said North Korea should not carry out nuclear test. "UNSC resolution stated clearly that DPRK (North Korea) should give up all nuclear and missile related programmes. Stop relevant programmes. It is very clear," he said when asked about reports that Pyongyang is bracing to carry out its sixth nuclear test. "It will be very dangerous and irresponsible", he said, adding that the situation in the Korean peninsula is sensitive and complex. "We have been calling all relevant parties keep calm and exercise restraint instead of taking action that may escalate tension," Geng said. China's Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Affairs Wu Dawe today went to Pyongyang after visiting South Korea and Japan for talks with the North Korean leadership. Chinese officials said Trump's retaliation against nuclear test by North Korea could become a certainty after he ordered recent airstrikes against Syria and authorised to use the 'Mother of all Bombs' against IS militants in Afghanistan. US has already sent aircraft carrier-led strike group to the Korean peninsula to step up pressure against North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to refrain from developing a nuclear- tipped ballistic missile capable of reaching mainland US. Speculation is rife that Kim Jong-un may order sixth nuclear test coinciding with his country's founder Kim Il Sung tomorrow. Meanwhile, state broadcaster CCTV said Air China flights between Beijing and Pyongyang will be suspended from Monday.PTI

  • US drops ‘mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan area populated by Isis members

    AFGHANISTAN, April 14: The US has dropped the "mother of all bombs" - the largest non-nuclear weapon ever used in combat by the US military - on an area of eastern Afghanistan known to be populated by Isis-affiliated militants. The Pentagonsaid the strike was the first time the 21,000lb weapon had been used in combat operations. A spokesperson for the US Department of Defence confirmed to The In यो [...]

  • European space agency warns of debris to explode like grenades above earth 

    April 13: The European Space Agency has warned of the danger of the space debris and stated that it could cause a problem for the technology on Earth and astronauts’ life can be in danger. It is believed some 7,000 tonnes of space junk including defunct satellites, junk from rockets and other metals has built up close to the Earth, which the ESA has warned that could cause a problem for other s यो [...]

  • Massive blaze destroys migrant camp in northern France

    DUNDRIK, April 11: A huge fire, apparently started deliberately, tore through the Grande-Synthe migrant camp near the northern French city of Dunkirk late Monday, reducing it to "a heap of ashes", the regional chief said. Firefighters said at least 10 people had been injured in the blaze at the camp, which was home to some 1,500 people, mostly Iraqi Kurds, living in closely packed wooden huts. यो [...]

  • May, Trump agree to press Russia over Syria

    London, April 11: British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump have agreed there is a “window of opportunity” to persuade Russia to abandon its support for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, the media reported. According to a Downing Street spokesman, the two leaders spoke about the crisis on the phone on Monday, days after a US air strike in Syria against a Syrian airbase on Ap यो [...]

  • Allies seek unity on Syria and Russia

    April 10: The search for a unified approach to the Syria conflict after last week’s suspected chemical attack looks set to dominate talks between the G7 group of leading nations in Italy on Monday. Foreign ministers will focus on how to pressure Russia to distance itself from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Allies will also be seeking clarity from the US on its Syria policy, after some appar यो [...]

  • US launches military attack on Syria with 59 tomahawk missiles

    April 7 The US military attacked a Syria-government airfield with 59 tomahawk missiles on Thursday evening. The missiles targeted the Shayrat Airfield near Homs, and were in response to a Tuesday chemical weapons attack. Officially announcing the strike, President Donald Trump said that the targeted airfield had launched the chemical attack on a rebel-held area, and he called on other nation यो [...]

  • Couple wins lottery for third time with mega £5 million jackpot

    April 6: It was third time lucky for one couple who have won the lottery three times – this time taking home a massive £5 million jackpot. Canadian couple Barbara and Douglas Fink had previously won the lottery in 1989 and 2010 before winning the big prize in the Western Canada Lottery in February. The couple from Edmonton, Alberta, won $8,163,061.10 Canadian dollars – equivalent to around £5m यो [...]

  • Death Toll Climbs to 273 as Rivers Recede in Colombia

    MOCOA, April 4: Search teams were still digging and probing into dense piles of mud and debris Monday, refusing to give up the search for survivors of the deadliest floods in the recent history of this Colombian city. On Monday night, three days after floodwaters rushed through the city of Mocoa, president Juan Manuel Santos said the official death toll had increased to 273. Earlier, Colombi यो [...]

  • World’s fifth tallest skyscraper opens in Seoul

    SEOUL, April 4: South Korea celebrated the opening of Lotte World Tower, the country’s tallest landmark building located in Seoul. Over 30,000 fireworks were used during the grand opening ceremony at the 123-story, 555 meter-high tower, which is also the world’s fifth tallest skyscraper. The goliath building also houses a hotel, offices, restaurants, a shopping mall luxury residences and obser यो [...]


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