Development of Nepal is possible with the same leaders..

Posted 2016/11/08


Let’s empower them……..
“I do not think that it is necessary to get into politics in order to bring about positive changes in the country, it can be better done by putting our visions, suggestions and recommendations on the table for our leaders to take into consideration.” :Dipendra Kandel

I am totally not convinced that political leaders and government administration can be developed from the traditional party administration and traditional bureaucratic model respectively. I am requesting every Nepali citizen to make a strong map for the development of our country. I am doing my MPA here as well as researching furtherinto the matter so that I can contribute towards the development of our country Nepal. As per the current constitution of Nepal, none of the parties have the majority votes to run the government. And even if they receive majority votes and run the government, they will not have a strong vision and the capacity to move the country ahead.

So, we will have to change the administration system of political parties first so they can have qualified and capable leader who can drive the country in a positive direction and which can increase the Gross Domestic Product, Per Capita Income, Human Development Index.


I am requesting everyone to help in producing leaders who can lead. So, I am requesting you all to take the subjects which can help in the development of our country. Such as: Public Policy, Political Economy, Public Management, International Cooperation and Relations, etc. I am also working on how to start a new Non Profit Organization model in Nepal that will create a forum where we can discuss and put our ideas across on how we can change our country.

We will be contacting each and every Nepali staying in Nepal and abroad for the visions how we can develop Nepal. Our future NPO will be working to support the Nepalese Government with scientific visions and plans. We will have a research department where the national and international students can be a part of the researcher. We will prepare the researched paper, journal, article and give it to the government as well, so that government can take a look and
implement it.

I am serious about the development of our country and I am sure I will not be joining any political party, but will contribute my ideas to the Nepali government for the overall national development. I have taken this decision  because, I believe that by joining the party to implement my visions, it may or may not be possible at the long haul. So, staying apart from political activities and contributing to the government day by day will put my visions of development across to the leadership in an easier and a more reliable fashion.

I will publish my visions and objectives of Non Profit Organization for the discussion on forum of DipendraKandel
webpage. After getting the positive and negative comments, it will be finalized. Then after, we will register the NPO as a name of the Kandel Initiative with the motto “Empowering Leaders and Government – Nepal”.

Mr. Kandel is persuing MPA – Master in Public Administration from Mohammed Bin Sashid School of Government Dubai, United Arab Emirates.