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Trump travel ban partly reinstated; fall court arguments set

Trump travel ban

The Supreme Court is allowing President Donald Trump to forge ahead with a limited version of his ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries to the U.S. Trump hailed the decision as a “victory for national security,” but it’s likely to set off a new round of court disputes over anti-terror efforts and religious discrimination.

‘The 2nd Phase Election will again disappoint New Political Parties’

Dipendra Kandel

Public Innovator Mr. DipendraKandel in a press release states that the upcoming 2nd phase local election will again disappoint new political parties like Naya Shakti, BibekSheel Party and Sajha Party. He stressed in his statement that “It is the need of our Nation that we need a majority government if possible and if not the same political party at the local, state and national level”.

Health security insurance program launched in Bhaktapur

Health security insurance program launched in Bhaktapur

A family of five members signing up for the program by paying Rs 2, 500 in advance annually can claim up to Rs 50,000 worth of medical treatment per year, said executive director of the Social Health Security Development Committee Dr Gunaraj Lohani.

Prime Minister's Agriculture Modernization Project

Tractors for modernizing agriculture

The Paddy Super Zone Implementation Unit Baniyani under the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modernization Project has extended tractors to the agriculture cooperatives.

Mind healing: the secrets to being charismatic

charismatic leadership

In our highly connected, fast-changing world, we’re all on the lookout for charismatic leadership. What qualities does someone need for us to consider them to be charismatic?

After toppling Apple in China, Oppo eyes world market


With its army of salespeople and vast network of outlets, a relatively new smartphone maker has exploded in popularity to overtake global giants Apple and Samsung in China's market -- and now it has its eye on the West.

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