PM Dahal not to quit unless the second phase election is guaranteed

Posted 2017/05/18


KATHMANDU, May 18: Prime Minster is not quitting the government unless the second phase local level election is ensured and course leading to the polls are finalized, said PM’s Secretariat.

“PM Dahal will hand over the government to Nepali Congress as agreed upon. But primarily, there should be certainty that second phase polls will be conducted in the stipulated date,” said Chakrapani Khanal, chief political advisor of PM, while talking to journalist Rishi Dhamala at the radio program ‘Nepali Bahas’.

CPN (Maoist Center) and Nepali Congress while forging alliance in early August last year had agreed that Dahal and Deuba each would handle the government for nine months before concluding the three tiers election.

But later this year in April, NC had agreed to wait one more month in the condition that Dahal would hold the local level election.

Now that the first phase local election has already been conducted, NC has been asking PM Dahal to quit the government and let Deuba hold the second phase local polls.

Advisor Khanal further said that PM Dahal wants to keep on to the code of agreement made with NC, but Dahal is seeking clearance to obscurity over some issues about the concerns of Madhesi leaders’ demands and assurance of second phase local election.