The Migrated Nepali needs to reimburse fees to government

Posted 2016/11/22



I will definitely implement this….

Students studying on the government scholarships in Nepal and later migrate permanently to countries like USA, Australia, UK, etc. need to reimburse their scholarship fees to the Government of Nepal.

Students can take government scholarships to study and can work abroad on the employment visa but if they decided to migrate permanently then they have to return their scholarship fees as equal to the fees normally paid by other non-scholars. For the moment, we have to take the same amount without interest. And later after launching this policy we will take the amount with the interest plus the additional same amount as penalty. Thus, we can use that money to enhance the education in Nepal.

From now, we will have to make an agreement and ask the merit students to sign before the admission at government colleges and universities. We need to regulate the student body throughout their study period and also after graduation. This policy heavily affects the students of Tribhuvan University. For example, if government has to paid USD A for the program then the migrated students will have to return A + (Interest Rate) of A + A (Penalty). Hence, this will make the students  return their home country and work or create job opportunities themselves, which will help to boost the economy of Nepal.

I am expecting migrated scholars and other citizens to support this policy as this policy will help in mitigating brain drain from the country. Since this policy is globally applied, it will start in Nepal too but I want to request our scholars staying abroad to start feeling responsible towards their nation even before the government announces and supports my mission for the development of Nepal.

The following example questions like Why do high numbers of students migrate abroad?, How can we bring them to Nepal?, and How can we control the investment in the education sector? are striking my mind day by day. So, I am working not only in controlling the investment on education but also bringing the migrated home.

Many students and their families wish to return home and work here but it is a pity that we have wasted this workforce because we do not appropriate policies to support them.

I am requesting all the people staying in and outside Nepal to support the positive vision for the development of Nepal directly by sending an email to the government email or [email protected]

Mr. Kandel completed his Bachelor Degree from Pulchowk Engineering Campus, Masters in Business Administration from Lincoln University, USA and currently pursuing Masters in Public Administration and Policy at Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is awarded with Sheikh Mohammed (Ruler Of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE) scholarship.