CPN (Maoist Center) Spokesperson Pampha Bhusal


KATHMANDU, Sept 13: CPN (Maoist Center) Spokesperson Pampha Bhusal has argued that Maoist Center (MC) has high chances of emerging as the largest party in the province 2 election as the whole country has stepped into the path of the party’s agenda.

Talking to Rishi Dahamala at a radio program ‘Nepali Bahas’ broadcast through Nepali Radio Network, leader Bhusal further argued that Madhes-based political parties and Madhesi people have already accepted MC as a revolutionary force which wants positive transformation in the country.

“People have credited MC for bringing the long-term changes in the country,” she added.

“MC has led the backward people and community. Madhesi people trust us. Thousand of Madhesi people have joined MC recently.”

“Our election campaigns in Terai-Madhes are completely focused in canvassing more and more votes so that we could become the largest party here,” he continued.

Pampha accepted that the party had weakness in selecting the candidates for contesting in the polls since the leaders willing to register their candidacy was in large number.

She further said that even though the MC failed to forge electoral alliance with the ruling partner Nepali Congress as expected, the party was successful in forging alliance in some local levels. “We are expecting favorable result there,” she added.

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