CPN Maoist’s 10-day shut down enforcement strategy

KATHMANDU: The 33 party dissident political party alliance led by the CPN Maoist has intensified discussions to prepare and implement a strategy to foil the upcoming November 19 Constituent Assembly election. The alliance concluded to stage a 10-day (Novemeber 11 to 20) general strike claiming that the nation would go into conflict if the CA elections were forcefully held by the major parties as dictated by foreign power agencies, The party has decided to paralyze national transportation grid by obstructing highways instead of resorting to candidate abduction, murders and clashes after concluding that acts of violence will tarnish party's image in international arena. Talking to Nepali Reporter's, Bhusal said that their objective of affecting the CA elections would be foiled effectively if the transportation grid is affected. She expressed confidence that their 10-day band will be an absolute success and will ultimately result in postponing CA elections at any cost. In their first stage of road transportation, the alliance has decide to obstruct road networks by wooden logs, by transporting stones, by digging dungeons on the highway and even by brining local masses on the roads to obstruct the transportation. It has plans to launch stern protest and retalation if Nepal Army is used against their band, Bhusal said. Next strategy of the alliance is shut down all major industries across the nation. The alliance has already dispatched letters to all industries, business, factories to cooperate with their initiative by keeping their respective businesses closed. The alliance has called on these enterprenuers and industrialist to cooperate in their initiative by provide financial assistance also. After road transportation, the Maoist has plans to shut down schools and markets in the second stage of the shutdown. Presently leaders of the alliance are in intense discussion over the issue. On a side note, analysts have opined that the CPN Maoist and its alliance's will put their best in foiling this CA elections as their political future depends on the success of this general shutdown.

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