KATHMANDU, May 6: Newly elected President of All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), Karma Chhiring Sherpa has vowed to bring reformation in Nepali football. He added reformation in Nepali football was possible by ending all the existing irregularities.

“There are several irregularities in ANFA. I will make every effort to wipe out all the irregularities plaguing the Nepali football,” said Sherpa at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Sunday. Sherpa was elected as the new ANFA President on Saturday through ANFA Congress. Sherpa defeated his rival Mani Kunwar with a margin of 64 votes although the latter had withdrawn his candidacy citing the election was being conducted in contravention of the ANFA statute. But the election committee held the election as the deadline for withdrawing candidacy was already crossed.

“I will not commit any irregularities. Nor will I let any irregularities happen during my tenure,” he furthered adding, “Only then Nepali football can be reformed.”

“The ANFA Congress has elected a capable team. Thus, this team will not let the country and Nepali football down,” furthered Sherpa who has always remained a critic of former president Ganesh Thapa. Thapa was banned by FIFA from any kind of football related activities for 10 year on charge of financial irregularities and corruption in November 2015.

He also vowed to maintain transparency in ANFA. “We will maintain policy transparency, financial transparency and administrative transparency in Nepal’s football body. For that, we will immediately bring financial regulation. We will transform ANFA administration into a complete online system.”

He further said that he is planning to introduce grass root programs to develop football.

“We are planning to build 14 football academies in seven provinces. It will help in producing new football talents,” he said.

Sherpa further said that his plans included making football clubs economic strong and starting commercial league in the country.

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