Security personnel rescuing a local woman and her child in Madhyapur Thimi.

BHAKTAPUR, July 12: Bhaktapur and Madhyapur areas have become waterlogged due to the flooding caused by the swollen Hanumante khola rivulet following torrential rain last night.

Settlements including the temporary camp sheltering the earthquake victims at local Jagati and Barahisthan have been inundated. Similarly, settlements at Radhe Radhe and the Kamerotar land pooling project in Madhyapur Thimi have also become waterlogged. Local residents have not been able to come out of their houses as hundreds of houses have been inundated since midnight on Wednesday.

Locals of Suryabinayak Municipality-2, Balkot carry their belongings to safer areas.

The entire stretch from Radhe Radhe to Nikosera has been inundated, a local Purushottam Karki said. Water has accumulated up to four feet from the land surface. The water has entered the ground floor in several houses in the area. The shops and stores are all closed due to the inundation.

Submerged Hanumanghat of Bhaktapur

Likewise, areas on both sides of the Araniko highway from Chardobato to the way leading to Balkot are waterlogged in Madhyapur Thimi. The low-lying areas in Gaththaghar are also facing inundation. The Madhyapur hospital and surrounding areas have also been inundated.

Security personnel guides the local people of Radhe Radhe and Bhatbhateni area to safer place in Thimi.

The landless squatters’ settlement at Jadibuti is completely inundated due to the flooding caused by the swollen Manohara river. “We are in such situation that neither we can go out of the house nor we can stay inside the house,” expressed Amar Thapa, a local, explaining the predicament the residents of these areas are in after their houses became inundated.

Meanwhile, Three persons of a single family were killed after a landslide that occurred following the incessant rainfall since last night buried their hut at Changunarayan Municipality-7 in Bhaktapur district.

Inundated Radhe Radhi and BhatBhateni area

The deceased have been identified as Hira Lama, 70, Pan Maya Lama, 65, and two and a half years old Sampada Lama, according Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur, Rewati Raman Pokharel.

Waterlogged Radhe Radhi area.

Similarly, a house at Aashapuri of Suryabinayek Municipality also collapsed due to incessant rain. Pokharel added that 100 plus people who were trapped in the landslide and inundation have been rescued so far.

Inundated Araniko Highway from Radhe Radhe to Thimi Chowk

Similarly, flood on Hanumante and Khasyangkhusung streams have inundated areas from Madhyapurthimi to Lokanthali. Paropakar Center, Sidhhi Memorial Hospital, Ram Mandir area, Dr Iwamura Memorial Hospital and Madhyapurthimi Hospital have been waterlogged due to flood on Hanumante River.

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