War kills over 100,000 babies a year: Save the Children

Save the Children

In the 10 worst-hit countries, a conservative estimate of 550,000 infants died as a result of fighting between 2013 and 2017.

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‘I left a piece of me’: Huntsville couple ready for new humanitarian memories in Nepal

The couple will not only trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, but will also use a Rotary grant and other funds to rehabilitate several destroyed Nepalese schools, and install water

Mohan Bikram Dahal, National Center for Children at Risk
Over 1700 children reported missing in the fiscal year 2017/18

The data reveals that Province 3 recorded the highest number of reported missing children cases, with 62 boys and 37 girls reported gone missing from the Kathmandu valley and 81

Suicide, Global suicide rate
Suicide rate falls by a third globally, data shows

Men are still more likely to kill themselves than women in all regions around the world and age groups, apart from 15-19 year-olds, study shows.

Internet addiction in kids
Growing internet addiction among kids: A headache for society

With the expanding internet access, a growing number of school children are knowingly or unknowingly gripped by this menace of internet addition. The children start neglecting their studies, don't do

Nepal urged to crack down on ‘menstruation huts’ after fourth deaths in a month

Chhaupadi was outlawed in 2005, yet it remains prevalent in Nepal's remote west and leaves women at risk of snake bites, attacks by wild animals and rape.

Dipak Silwal
The man rescuing expecting-mothers from rural Nepal

Social activist Dipak Silwal organized the emergency airlift and brought her to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu. Rai of Sotang Rural Municipality-3, delivered a baby at the hospital. Rai

Nepalese rice farmers boost yields by sowing fewer plants and cutting water

Shanti Rai, who was helping her neighbor Apsara Bharati plant, remembers seeing what looked like a barren field when she tried SRI for the first time herself. Used to seeing

Hopefuls pay out thousands of rupees to chase Gurkha glory in Nepal

The Gurkhas’ reputation as a fighting force is almost mythical: brave young men from the hills of Nepal who fight by the motto, “Better to die than to be a

menstrual huts
Data collection on chhaugoths begins in Bajura

Works have begun to collect data of chhaugoths (menstrual huts) at 69 wards of nine local levels in Bajura district. The data collection is being carried out by the district