Theft, loot, pick-pocketing and abuse major complaints of foreign tourists

Tourists safety in Nepal

Foreign tourists in Nepal have started reaching the police with complaints of theft, looting, pick-pocketing, abuse against them and so on. Police received such complaints

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traffic jam on Mount Everest
Corruption, carelessness damaging Everest beauty

However, the government’s biggest push to commercialize the world highest peak face criticisms for poor management and traffic jam and issuing of permits to more climbers that it could handle

Kami Rita Shrepa
Kami Rita scales Everest for record 24th time

Just a week after breaking his own record for most summits on Mt Everest, Kami Rita Sherpa has yet achieved another feat by successfully scaling the world's highest peak for

Kami Rita Sherpa
Kami Rita Sherpa summits Everest for record 23rd time

Kami Rita Sherpa has successfully climbed the summit of the Mount Everest for the record 23rd time, bettering his own record he set on May 16 last year.

Mount Everest
Nepal planning to rescale height of Mount Everest

According to Dongol the survey will provide the measurement with a centimeter level accuracy. “The data obtained from the surveys will be processed to produce the final result. We have

tourism in Nepal
Over 200,000 tourists visited Nepal in two months

The country has seen an influx of over 200,000 tourists in two months alone, a 33 percent up as compared to the same period last year, according to the Department

Gosaikunda, Gosaikunda trekking, Janai Purnima
Memories from Gosaikunda: Travelling ‘an addiction’

The trek to Gosaikunda begins from Dhunche village or Syabru Besi or Sundarijal. Since, Dunche is the most preferred place as starting point; I took a bus to reach the

Godavari paragliding, Kathmandu paragliding, Chapakharka
Godavari providing experience of adventure sport Paragliding within Kathmandu valley

Paragliding from Chapakharka is a unique experience. The tandem flight will offer the glider with eagle’s eye view of the Kathmandu valley and the city and experience the breathtaking panorama

Festival of India in Nepal
Festival of India in Nepal begins

The month-long festival will aim to consolidate and strengthen the existing age-old relations between Nepal and India, reinforcing sensibilities, affinities and shared cultural bonds between the people of the two

Everest clean up
China closes Tibetan route to Mount Everest amid clean-up drive

The decision will drastically reduce the number of visitors on the Tibetan side as only 300 people with climbing passes will be allowed past a monastery just below the 5,200m