Tatopani border

KATHMANDU, Jan 14: Tatopani border, a major trading point between China and Nepal, which came to halt since the devastating April 2015 earthquake destroyed the infrastructures at the transit point, has not been reopened yet.

Even though 26-km road section–which was destroyed by earthquake and 2014 landslide–has come into operation, the Tatopani-Khasa (Zhangmu) border point is yet to be reopened.

Despite various efforts from Nepali side, the Chinese government is delaying to open the major trade route between the two countries owing to security reasons, according to sources.

The security reason is a new excuse from the Chinese side. And since China, who has pledged to help in the development of Nepal, has not responded yet clearly, speculations are on the rife whether China is planning to close the border for a long-term.

Following the earthquake, China had even carried out seismological study of Khasa owing to vulnerability of quakes.

Also, the left alliance leaders, who promised to make considerable efforts to reopen the China border before election, have not uttered a word about it. However, since the left alliance is yet to form a new government under its leadership, expectations are still on the plate that the left alliance, who is believed to have inclination to China, will become successful to reopen the trade point.

Due to closure of Tatopani border, Nepal is bearing a loss of NRS 6 billion annually.

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