Lama Seru

He is now 79 years old and has been active in constructing trails beyond Namche leading up to the foothill of Sagarmatha (Mt Everest), the world’s highest mountain. This, he has been doing for the last 33 years continuously notwithstanding his age and other adversities.

He is none other than Pasang Sherpa, more popularly known as Lama Seru. His passion for the construction of mountain trails is such that he is doing so despite his age. He has been contributing voluntary labor although he cannot see and hear well.

Lama Seru collects donation on the way from visitors for the trail construction. It has now been 33 years since he began constructing mountain trails collecting funds from the trekkers.

He has a good reputation as the person dedicated to the development of the Khumbu area, the northern belt of Solukhumbu district where the Mt Everest is located.

Lama Seru’s penchant is such that he has been repairing and maintaining the mule track leading up to the Mt Everest Base Camp.

He has constructed about 14 kilometers long mule track from Dingboche to Phugithenka through collection of monetary donation.

“I have also constructed around five kilometers track from Pheriche to the Everest base camp. Now, I am on a campaign of constructing (repairing) the trail from Namche to Dingboche via Tyangboche, which is about 20 kilometers. I am about to finish it. Only one or two kilometers remains and I plan to conclude by the Nepali New Year’s Day which is on April 14,” he said.

Sherpa went on, “Although I am into old age, my body and campaign does not say that. I will work in repair and maintenance of the trekking trails until my last breath.”

He has acquired permission from the Sagarmatha National Park to pursue his campaign. Before, he used to repair and maintain the trail himself. Now he has recruited two assistants. He gives their remuneration from the money that he asks for in donation from trekkers and tourists around the area.

Lama Seru has so far constructed 20 kilometers road in which cars can ply on. He has also constructed 16 resting platforms at various places along the trekking trails.

He has constructed a Buddhist shrine in the area at a cost of Rs 2.5 million. RSS

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