KATHMANDU, Jan 8: The successful completion of National Assembly election has cleared way for the formation of new government. The left parties, CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) are likely to lead the new government which is expected to be formed by mid-February. But, as the two left parties are yet to conclude the party merger process, failure to reach an understanding on power sharing deal can also affect the government formation process. On the other hand, there are rumors that UML can exclude Maoist Center and take Madhes-centric parties into confidence to form new government. Focusing on these topics, here is an interview between Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav and journalist Rishi Dhamala:

Is FSFN making up its mind to join Oli-led government?

If CPN-UML creates an environment conducive to us, we will participate in the government. UML must become clear about our position on constitution amendment if the largest party wants to open door to us. But, since UML is forming government with CPN (Maoist Center), our participation comes as an option. Nevertheless, If UML expects our support in resolving the national problems, we are ready. The only question that remains is: Is UML ready amend the constitution?

Haven’t you discussed with Oli about this?

A comprehensible political understanding is must if we are to move ahead together. If Oli wants, then FSFN participating in the government and amending constitution is possible. Only asking us to join the government will not be enough. If we are guaranteed the constitution amendment, we are ready to join hands with UML.

The unification between UML and CPN (Maoist Center) still remains inconclusive. Rumors are that, in such circumstances, UML might ally with FSFN and Rastriya Janata Party Nepal to form a new government. What is your view on this?

No any formal discussions with any parties have taken place in this regard. I have no idea what is on UML’s mind. But, it will be wrong to exclude Maoist Center from the new government. The two left parties forged electoral alliance and swept the elections. They have promised the people to give a stable government that would lead for a straight five years. If they change now, what will the people and the country say? Therefore, I am in favor that the left parties must form government together. We should respect people’s mandate. We should not say one thing to woo voters and do another thing after winning the polls. The political parties and their leaders must learn to respect people’s sentiments. Even if the party unification fails to materialize, the government should be formed under the leadership two left parties.

Suppose UML and Maoist Center fails to reach consensus, and if Maoist Center withdraws from participating in the government, will FSFN join hands with UML?

If UML agrees to address the national issue and amend the constitution, we will have no problem in joining the government.

FSFN is leading government in Province 2. Will Lal Babu Raut become chief minister?

We selected Lal Babu Raut as the parliamentary party leader to okay him for the chief ministers’ post. It is our party’s claim that Raut will be the chief minister of province 2.

Will RJPN support you?

Well, it depends on RJPN itself whether to support our proposal or not. Even if RJPN disagrees, Raut is the one. He is the chief minister.

Hasn’t RJPN proposed to take the chief minister’s post turn by turn?

Leadership in turn is a bad practice in politics. We are not taking any path that can harm the country. Province 2 needs a government that is stable, capable to strong. We have rejected the proposal to lead government turn by turn. We need a stable government for five straight years.

Is FSFN ready to allocate Speaker to RJPN?

Yes, we are. We have no problem in that. We are not demanding all key posts of province government here. I am in favor of including other political parties as well. Our agenda is to develop Madhes.

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