KATHMANDU, Jan 16 . CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has blamed the dual role-play of UCPN (Maoist) for hindering the constitution drafting process.

Receiving the Memorandum Letter of the Reporters’ Club Nepal on today, Chairman Oli said  “Paris Dada [UCPN (M)] headquarters has become the center of constitution obstruction,” he said. “They are strengthening their alliance to obstruct the constitution drafting.”

Speaking the program presided by the Club’s President Rishi Dhamala, Oli blamed towards the Prachanda led alliance for obstructing the constitution drafting process. Oli further said that the opposition party now becoming busy for uniting the forces for obstruct the constitution writing process. He said,” It has forged the 105 parties alliance by 110 leaders, They have indeed bad intentions to the timely promulgation of constitution.” A team of Reporters Club went to Oli’s residence today as part of a pressure campaign to draft the constitution on January 22.

Likewise, Oli opined that deliberations could be held on releasing the Interim Constitution as the new constitution of the country. He said that UML is ready to undergo discussions on every alternative in order to forge consensus.

Earlier, Nepali Congress (NC) leader Sher Bahadur Deuba had proposed removing the word ‘interim’ from the current Interim Constitution and promulgate it as the new statute. Oli expressed his solidarity to Deuba’s proposal. He said, “If consensus cannot be forged on drafting the new constitution and all sides agree to launch the Interim Constitution as the new constitution, discussions can be held about it after eliminating the harmful contents of Interim Constitution.”

Oli informed that the constitution promulgation deadline will be extended. “It seems difficult to bring the constitution on January 22 if political parties fails to forge consensus,” he said, adding,” The deadline will be extended.”

Oli made it clear that he had never been negative towards Madhes but currently he was being portrayed as such anti-Madhes person.

“Even my constituency is in Madhes. I am concerned about its progress and development,” he said-“It’s not the state but the tyrants within Madhes who have been exploiting and discriminating against Madhesis.”



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