Dr Bhattarai

KATHMANDU, May 24: Naya Shakti Party Coordinator Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai Thursday said that the government brought the policies and programs against the spirit of constitution and federalism.

“The government has claimed its policies and programs as diverse. But ironically, words such as multi-ethnic, multi-language and multi-cultural have not been used there,” Bhattarai told Reporters Club.

“Neither the government has included the word ‘federal democratic republic there,” added Bhattarai who also participated in the deliberation of policies and programs on Thursday.

“The government is trying to step aside from implementation of federalism,” he accused the government adding, “I don’t understand if the prime minister failed to pay attention to these issues or intentionally brought the policies and programs going against the spirit of constitution,” he added.

“This policies and programs is against the spirit of constitution and federalism,” he said.

Bhattarai also expressed his dissatisfaction that the policies and programs has rule out the issue of constitution amendment.

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