Nepali Congress leader Dilendra Prasad Badu speaks during an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal in Kathmandu on Saturday, June 9, 2018. Photo: Mukunda Kalikote/Reporters’ Club Nepal

KATHMANDU, June 9: Leader of the main opposition party Nepali Congress, Dilendra Prasad Badu has demanded that either the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker must resign immediately. He argued that the Speaker and the Deputy representing the same party holding the positions is against the constitution.

“Speaker and Deputy Speaker should not be from the same party. It is the breach of the constitution. Therefore, one must immediately step back,” said Badu at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Saturday.

Article 91 of the constitution of Nepal states that the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be from different parties.

The Speaker of the House, Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Deputy Speaker Shiva Maya Tumbahamphe both are from NCP. Earlier before the unification of the two communist parties, Mahara represented Maoist Center and Tumbahanphe represented UML.

Badu also said that the opposition NC will not accept the directly elected executive presidential system. “The principle provision of the constitution should not be moved. If we go for the executive president, it can invite instability in the country. This is not a time to raise this topic in the House,” he said.

He also said that the House of Representatives Regulation 2075 was endorsed in consensus among the all the political parties. “The Regulation has been passed with a consensus to form a separate law in this connection,” he added.

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