Photo: Mukunda Kalikote Reporters Club Nepal

KATHMANDU, Aug 9: Stern action has been sought against those involved in heinous crimes like sexual violence on girls and murder.

Speaking at an interaction program organized by Reporters’ Club Nepal on Wednesday, women leaders, human right activists and legal practitioners expressed concern over increasing incidents of rapes of girls and subsequent murder. They also stressed the need of stern legal provision in the new civil code to be implemented from August 17 along with the revision.

Twenty-year imprisonment has been proposed against 16-year of imprisonment in the existing civil code if a girl is raped. They also demanded lifetime imprisonment and confiscation of all property of those involved in such crime.

On the occasion, Nepali Congress central committee member and lawmaker Dila Sangraula expressed concern over increasing rape and murder cases against girls.

Vice-President of Nepal Bar Association, Usha Malla Pathak

Similarly, Vice-President of Nepal Bar Association, Usha Malla Pathak, said the act with broader jurisdiction against criminals was going to be implemented from August 17.

Member of the National Human Rights Commission, Sudeep Pathak, shared the information that as per the data of fiscal year 2017/18, one thousand cases of violence and rape against women were filed at police office.

Although the court delivered verdict of providing 50 per cent of property to the violence victims from the perpetrators, it has not been implemented, he added.



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