LALITPUR, July 10: More and more farmers have started using milking parlor with dairy farming going commercial.

Commercial dairy farmers had started using milking parlor which can milk up to 10 cows at one time since five years back, said Dr Surendra Jha, who works at the Livestock Production Directorate.

According to Dr Jha, many commercial dairy farmers have started using this milking machine these days.

One can get milking machines of various capacities in the market. But the use of milking machine with a capacity of milking 10 cows at one time is increasing in the country, Dr Jha said.

The use of milking parlor saves time and money as less number of people are required to milk cows.

Moreover, use of milking parlor is more hygienic. However, this milking parlor has not expanded to rural area.

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