CPN Maoist supremo hints at relaxing relationship with India

KATHMANDU: The CPN Maoist has announced plans to revise its 70 point demand submitted to the government in a bid to maintain good relationship with India.

Chairman of the party Mohan Baidya aka ‘Kiran’ announced such plans during an interaction program of the Reporters Club Nepal at his residence on Saturday.

The announcement comes some days after the party suspended its ban on the entry of Indian number plate bearing vehicles in Nepal, screening of Indian movies in Nepalese theatres, and airing of Hindi songs on local radios and TV channels for Dashain and Tihar festivals.

With still around a month more for its second stage of protests, termed as national sovereignty campaign by the party, Baidya announcement highlighted the deep struggle with in the party leadership for downsizing the protest programs which were perceived as anti-Indianism and extreme form of nationality by some political analysts.

“We are not in favour of developing sour relationship with India. We are looking for scrapping all unequal treaties between both nations and secure mutual interests of Nepalese and Indians,” Baidya said at the press meet.