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South Asian nations should play active role to establish peace in the region

India-Pakistan unrest

The international community, most of all the South Asian nations, should play proactive role in bringing India and Pakistan to the discussion table and play proactive role in assisting them to resolve their differences, to establish peace and embark towards development and economic prosperity.

Turn down the volume: WHO takes aim at harmful smartphone use

Turn down the volume: WHO takes aim at harmful smartphone use

Around half of those between the ages of 12 and 35, or 1.1 billion people, are at risk due to "prolonged and excessive exposure to loud sounds, including music they listen to through personal audio devices," the UN health agency said.

Development of sports must: Minister Bishwokarma

"It is be difficult to save pride and prestige of the country until sports sector having deep connection with country's pride is respected," he said, talking to media-persons on Sunday.

DPL winner to bag Rs 3 million

According to Dhangadhi Cricket Academy President Subash Shahi, the cash prize of the franchise event was Rs 6 million in total where the first winner will receive Rs 3 million while the team securing second position would take home Rs 1.2 million.

Prime Minister Employment Program

What are PM Employment Program and unemployment allowance?

The program has vowed to guarantee a minimum employment of 100 days a year to all people aged between 18 to 59, while promising subsistence allowance to the family having no jobs to any member.

Godavari providing experience of adventure sport Paragliding within Kathmandu valley

Godavari paragliding, Kathmandu paragliding, Chapakharka

Paragliding from Chapakharka is a unique experience. The tandem flight will offer the glider with eagle’s eye view of the Kathmandu valley and the city and experience the breathtaking panorama view of various mountain peaks including Ganesh and Gauri Shanker peaks.

Hundreds of Nepali students in Australia face uncertainty after ASQA decides to cancel registration of AIBT

Nepali nurses in Australia, AIBT, ASQA

The future of the students became unsure after more than 800 international students enrolled in the Diploma of Nursing (HLT54115) were told their education at AIBT would not be recognized with reports that the provider had enrolled students in the Diploma of Nursing without accreditation from ANMAC.

New Universe map unearths 300,000 more galaxies

LOFAR observation

More than 200 astronomers from 18 countries were involved in the study, which used radio astronomy to look at a segment of sky over the northern hemisphere, and found 300,000 previously unseen light sources thought to be distant galaxies.

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