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HIV outbreak sparks panic in southern Pakistan after doctor uses contaminated syringe

HIV outbreak in Southern Pakistan

Health officials say more than 400 people, many of them children, have tested HIV positive in recent weeks as experts warn of a surge in infection rates across Pakistan, due to the use of unsanitary equipment and rampant malpractice -- often at the hands of quack doctors.

South Asian nations should play active role to establish peace in the region

India-Pakistan unrest

The international community, most of all the South Asian nations, should play proactive role in bringing India and Pakistan to the discussion table and play proactive role in assisting them to resolve their differences, to establish peace and embark towards development and economic prosperity.

Things to do after sex

sexual health, things to do after sex

What do you do immediately after having sex? You may cuddle for a bit or turn around and fall asleep or get up, slip your clothes back and leave or go to the bathroom. The post-few minutes after sex is crucial period to make sure you keep problems related to your reproductive health at bay and improve sexual and emotional intimacy since post-sexual intercourse behavior has a huge impact on your health and relationship.

Mesut Ozil signed Arsenal jersey finds way to Everest base camp

Moved by the fan’s love halfway across the world, the German attacking midfielder tweeted , “Look at what happened after I sent my signed jersey to the @Arsenal fanclub in #Nepal: One of theirs took it all the way up to the Mount Everest Base Camp at 5,364 meters,” tweeted Arsenal football star Mesut Ozil.

Hot Nepali female athletes

A female athlete has incredible physiques. They are fit, strong and have the most attractive body types despite the fact that their beauty generally goes unnoticed during the competition. Check.

Prime Minister Employment Program

What are PM Employment Program and unemployment allowance?

The program has vowed to guarantee a minimum employment of 100 days a year to all people aged between 18 to 59, while promising subsistence allowance to the family having no jobs to any member.

Kami Rita scales Everest for record 24th time

Kami Rita Shrepa

Just a week after breaking his own record for most summits on Mt Everest, Kami Rita Sherpa has yet achieved another feat by successfully scaling the world's highest peak for the record 24th time.

Price of vegetable surges by 143 percent: Report

Kalimati vegetable market

When the government is claiming that the hike in the price of daily use products is under control, the price of vegetables have skyrocketed by nearly 143 percent, according to Kalimati fruits and vegetables market development committee, reported Nagarik Daily.

Paban Bhattarai: Biography (Height, Weight, Age and more)

PERSONAL DETAILS Full Name: Paban Bhattarai Profession: Actor, Model, Media person Date of Birth: 2050-04-27 BS (1993-08-11 AD) Age (As of 2019): 25 Place of Birth: Diktel, Khotang Hometown: Diktel, Khotang Nationality: Nepali Religion: Hindu BODY MEASUREMENTS/DESCRIPTION Height: 5 feet.

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