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Sudur Paschim: 221 more infected with Corona Virus

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COVID-19 in Nepal

KATHMANDU, June 27 :The total number of Corona Virus cases in the Sudur Pachim State has reached 1,859, with 221 new cases confirmed on Friday.

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COVID-19 in Nepal
Virus death toll climbs to 22 in Nepal, total cases reach 7,848

A 46-year-old male from Gowadari municipality-4 and a 43-year-old female from Lamkichula-2 have died of the virus.

COVID-19 crisis
Youths protest against MCC, president’s profligate lifestyle during COVID-19 crisis

Youths took to the streets of the capital on Wednesday as well protesting the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact, government’s lackluster response to COVID-19 pandemic, corruption and the Office of

COVID-19 deaths in Nepal
Woman tests positive for COVID-19 after death in Banke

The death toll from novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Nepal has reached 20 after a woman who died on Monday evening tested positive for the virus.

380 more test positive as Nepal COVID-19 cases reach 6591

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed 380 more infections on Tuesday as Nepal total COVID-19 cases climbed to 6591.

COVID-19 in Nepal
451 more test positive as Nepal’s COVID-19 cases climb to 6211

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed 451 more infection on Monday as Nepal’s coronavirus cases climbed to 6,211.

Private lab to conduct COVID-19 tests: Health Ministry

The government has decided to allow the private laboratories to conduct tests for COVID-19, according the Ministry of Health and Population.

COVID-19 update Nepal
COVID-19 death toll climbs to 19 in Nepal, total cases reach 5,760

The death toll from COVID-19 has reached 19 in Nepal after a patient died last night, the Ministry of Health and Population said.

Virus death toll climb to 18, total cases reach 5,335 in Nepal

According to ministry Spokesperson Dr. Jageshwar Gatuam, a five-year-old child and a male of around 25 years have died of coronavirus disease.

Anti-government protest continues on Friday as well (Photo Feature)

The government has claimed to have already spent Rs 10 billion in the fight against the pandemic that has now spread to 72 districts infecting more than 5,000 people and