Sushil says agreement to CA polls soon

NEPALGUNJ: Nepali Congress president Sushil Koirala has said that his party would come up with a written decision on the election within some days.

Speaking in the joint meeting of the teachers and civil servants unions here on Friday, he said the party had reached an agreement in the past that the Constituent Assembly could not be revived and that the party should opt for fresh elections.

He said that since no written decision on this was made at that time some leaders in the party were talking of reinstatement of the Constituent Assembly.

The NC president reiterated that there was no other option than going for fresh election in the present circumstances.

Stating that talks and protests would be taken ahead together for removing the government by coordinating with the opposition parties including the CPN (UML), party president Koirala called on the party cadres to come out with strong support to the anti-government protest front that will begin on November 9. RSS