Prachanda stumps Sushil with yet another yorker


KATHMANDU: UCPN Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal aka “Prachanda” has rolled out yet another proposal to resolve ongoing political impasse.

In his latest proposal, Prachanda has proposed to hold Presidential elections along with CA elections by amending the interim constitution.
During his meeting with Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala on Thursday morning, he rolled out this proposal after Koirala denied accepting his earlier proposal of resurrecting the CA and promulgating a partial constitution by suspending the disputed issues for the time being.
Before heading to Belgium a week earlier, Prachanda had proposed resurrecting the CA, promulgating the new constitution by suspending disputed issues, including federalism, and to resolve them through the elected parliament later.
However opposition parties including CPN UML had termed the proposal as a trick to extend the tenure of the Bhattarai led government.
In addition to it, Prachanda has denied to hand over the reins of the government to Nepali Congress, if the latter denies to resurrect CA and subsequently to promulgate the new constitution partially.
On the occasion, he made it clear that the present government will not be dissolved if opposition denies resurrecting CA and promulgating the new constitution. He asked Koirala to transform the present government into national consensus government if it wanted to go CA elections with an additional condition to include Presidential elections too.
Baffled by the Prachanda’s new twist, NC President who was accompanied by some of his favorites, have asked for some time to discuss the new options. Sources claimed that NC stressed on government leadership and CA reinstatement during the meeting.