Nepal’s former king Gyanendra heading for another pilgrimage

Gyanendra Shah

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s former King Gyanendra Shah has once again prepared schedule to visit the countries one of the most important commercial center- Butwal.

The visit comes some weeks after his visit to some districts in the Western mountains including tourist destination Pokhara.

Continuing his earlier excuses, this time around also the King is heading for Butwal in response to invitation from some locals to visit the Gorakhnath Temple there reported Nepal Samacharpatra Daily on Saturday.

Before visiting Butwal and the Gorakhnath Temple on November 6, Gyanendra is scheduled to visit another important town Bhairava.

And this time, Gyanendra will be heading there in his personal SUV and has plans to fly back to capital via Buddha Air flight, the daily reported.

His 6 districts combo visit one month earlier had faced friction from the political parties on accusations that he was lobbying for the return of monarchy during his said ‘pilgrimages.”

However, Gyanendra has been claiming that his visits were religious and was just responding to the request of well wishers by visiting them.