UML leaders website grounded for ‘lack’ of 15K rupees

CPN-UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal

KATHMANDU: While Nepal is gaining in digital development and more and more people are searching the internet for various types of information, senior leaders of CPN UML have given up their personal websites. And that too for a mere 15 thousand rupees!

A report run by the Nepali national newspaper, Nagarik Dainik, has reported that CPN UML Chairman Jhalnath Khanal, and senior leaders duo Madhav Kumar Nepal and K P Oli’s website was grounded after they failed to pay the website hosting charges to their digital agency that maintained their website.

“Madhav Nepal’s website was grounded due to failure to pay hosting charges,” the daily quoted a source at Chautari Media, which maintains the former premier’s website, said while elaborating on the factors that pulled Nepal’s website.

Quoting two website maintenance professionals, Pravesh Subedi and Dharma Bhusal, the daily further claimed that over all charges for maintaining a websites, including annual domain and hosting charges, amount unto 15 thousand Nepali rupees.

While Khanal’s website is hosted in a local server in Kathmandu, Oli has recruited an American hosting services.

www.jnkhanal.com, www.madhavnepal.com and www.kpoli.com are the unfortunate websites of these fortunate leaders who run the third largest party in Nepal and never give up a chance to claim ministerial not to say Prime Ministerial portfolios.

The event reflects how much attention this national leaders give to the importance of technological advances. All they need is SUV, who cares for a website, when they can win votes through end-time election fielding.