In Madhesh, Nidhi accuses Madheshi Morcha of giving into Maoist diktat

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JANAKPUR: While the ruling coalition partner- Joint Democratic Madheshi Front (JDMF) has been successfully retaining the coalition government, a opposition leader accused the alliance of fulfilling the interests of the UCPN Maoist instead of addressing the demands of Madhesh.

Nepali Congress leader Bimalendra Nidhi accused the Morcha of holding the nation hostage to status quo by sticking to the UCPN Maoist for remaining in power instead of acting in national interest.

He claimed that the Maoists were using the Morcha as a tool to impose its totalitarianism in the nation.

Nidhi accused all the coalition partner of moving ahead without a specific objective and of only taking care of the personal and party’s vested interests.

On a different note, Nidhi said that the parties should opt either for CA resurrection or CA re-election at the earliest.

He claimed that in either case, a new consensus government should be formed in his party’s leadership reasoning that the incumbent government has failed to free the nation of indecisiveness.