At Reporters Club Tea Party PM Denies Sticking to CA Resurrection Only (Photo Feature)

Baburam Bhattarai with Rishi Dhamala

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has denied of stressing only on reviving Constituent Assembly (CA). Speaking at the Dashain, Tihar, Chaat and Nepal Sambat greeting exchange program of the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Saturday, Bhattarai denied of pushing CA revival as only consensus terms of his party.

“Holding elections is our government’s agenda and we still hold it. We have put forward agenda of CA revival considering the essentiality to amend the constitution and a easy process to promulgate the new constitution,” the PM said.

” However if parties are not ready for CA revival, than they should hold talks on the process of holding CA election and the process to remove constitutional hurdles in that direction,” Bhattarai added.

Commenting on the possible timeframe for resolving the ongoing status quo, Bhattarai expressed optimism to end it in between Tihar and Dashain festival and claimed that the process would be much easier if political parties became flexible of their party’s agenda and stand.