Here is how Nepalese hero and heroins celebrating Dashain


KATHMANDU: Dashain is one of the biggest and widely celebrated festivals. And while we commoners are celebrating it, our actors and actress have also gone home or on foreign tour to celebrate this festival. So lets take a peek into what they are doing.

Super hero Rajesh Hamal is on one-month America tour where he is scheduled to  attend a number of programs organised by Nepalese in America.

Actress Rejina Upreti has flown to Europe to join her boyfriend in London and will be involved in the publicity of her upcoming film.

Actress Binita Baral has already gone home town Chitwan to celebrate her Dashain. There she has plans to participate in musical and dance shows and will show off her talent to her own district residents.

There is however a twist. Baral said that she is religious and will also participate in some Bhajans and religious gatherings. And Langarbuja will be the main entertainer for her.

And actress Sumina Ghimire is heading home, Surkhet, where is looking forward to receive tika from her aged grandparents.