Ruling Maoist says President should mind his own business


KATHMANDU: Spokesperson of UCPN-Maoist Agni Sapkota has said the President need not care much about political issues.

At the regular press meet organized at the party headquarters Koteshwor on Sunday, he said “The President’s remark that he won’t accept restoration of the Constituent Assembly even after the political agreement is illegal.”

Resembling the President with former king in his remark of not becoming a mute spectator, Spokesperson Sapkota said the President should not breach the constitution.

“The President does not have the right to order government to fix the election,” he argued.

Moreover, he accused the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML of instigating the President for an unconstitutional move.

Present government elected with the Constituent Assembly could not be toppled by any and if any dares to do it, people would retaliate immediately, he warned.

According to him, his party would not step down as the crisis was created because of the NC and UML, who have no agenda at all.

Moreover, he said the NC could lead the next government if the CA was restored.

However, Spokesperson Sapkota said his party was for a consensus though it eluded in repeated talks.

The government would bring budget at any cost, he said, adding that his party and its alliance would bring the programmes of people’s mobilization. RSS