Prez urges parties to expedite process for political consensus

President Ram Baran Yadav

KATHMANDU: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has urged the major political parties again to forge a consensus at the earliest and go for fresh elections.

Addressing the concluding function of the diamond jubilee celebrations of Sarbodaya Higher Secondary School at Duradanda on Monday, President Dr Yadav complained that republic was yet to be institutionalized because of the weaknesses on part of the major political parties.

President Dr Yadav stressed the need of unity among the parties to promulgate the new constitution by clearing the current impasse. The impetus for the People’s Movement II was the unity among the parties, he recalled.

“I have not planned any step but am looking forward to a political consensus,” he said, adding that he was confident that the parties would unite again for the constitution.

He reminded that he has prodded the parties time and again for a political outlet and new election.

Moreover, the President said natural resources of the country should be capitalized for developing the nation. The contribution made by the Duradanda people to raise awareness need to be honoured, he added.

Other places of the country could imitate the social and educational revolution of western Nepal, according to the President.

Founder of the School Shree Kant Adhikari and others were honored for their contribution to the education sector in the Duradanda area. RSS