Nepalese think tanks claim Obama will prevail

Barack Obama

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s political analyst and diplomats have expressed confidence that US President Barack Obama will prevail in the ongoing US Presidential run.


Diplomat Jay Raj Acharya claimed that Obama will win the Presidential run for a second term at the White House due to his stress on peace diplomacy so far. Pinning down Osama Bin Laden, claimed Acharya, has given Obama an added advantage for claiming second tenure at the White House.


Another diplomat Bhesh Bahadur Thapa also backed Acharya’s claim and said that due to Obama’s soft foreign policy he has been a favorite of migrant US citizens and added that he has been a favorite of the Nepali, Indian communities in the US.


He claimed Obama’s win in the election will be also highly beneficial for Nepal and Nepalese residing in the states.