Sushil advises FM for not bringing budget without consensus

nepali congress president sushil koirala

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has advised Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun for not tabling the full budget ordinance without garnering political consensus.

Koirala rolled out such suggestion during his meeting with the FM at his residence in Kathmandu on Tuesday morning.

He said that the upcoming budget should be complete and should be tailored for the upcoming elections as well, as understood between political parties, sources near him said.

Stating that the budget is directly linked to holding elections and formation of national consensus government and resolving political crisis, Sushil advised FM Pun for not tabling the ordinance without political consensus.

In response, the FM assured Koirala that the government was committed to table the budget through political consensus and urged him to send his party’s representatives to review the budget.