Prachanda balls another yorker, Sushil thrashes it to boundary

Rishi Dhamala, KATHMANDU: Nepal’s main opposition party- Nepali Congress- rejected the UCPN Maoist proposal to participate in the incumbent government by holding hot ministries.


Maoist supremo Puspa Kamal Dahal had rolled out the proposal to his NC counterpart Sushil Koirala at his own residence in the capital on Thursday, in a bid to ease off the ongoing stand off between the ruling and opposition parties.


Informed and reliable sources claimed that Prachanda had offered Finance, Home, and Defense among other ministries to Sushil as a bargain to participate in the Bhattarai led government and move ahead with holding CA elections, brining full budget.


Along with hot key posts, Prachanda had proposed to form a high level steering committee comprising of all political parties and put Sushil in its charge. The steering committee would govern the government and also provide feedback to the government.


However, Sushil denied to accept both proposals and made it clear to Prachanda that his party wont support the incumbent government  and warned that his party would take to streets if the Bhattarai government is not dissolved to pave way for the formation of national consensus government.


Koirala urged Prachanda to play constructive role in dissolving incumbent government and for supporting the formation of NC led national consensus government while warning that his party would not back off from the agenda and will agitate if the government and ruling parties do not heed to opposition’s demand.


The meeting was also attended by NC Vice President Ram Chandra Paudel.