President’s concern are genuine: VP Jha

Vice President Parmanand Jha with Reporters Club Nepal President Rishi Dhamala

Chitra Raj Bhandari, KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Vice President Parmananda Jha has claimed that the Presidenct’s concerns were genuine and accused that the government was trying to politicise the institution to take undue advantage.

Speaking to a group of deusi-bhailo journalists led by Reporters Club Nepal at his residence in the capital on Tuesday, VP Jha expressed dissatisfaction towards Bhattarai’s recent accusations levelled against the President.

Jha further said that the nation should be given its local representatives and claimed that the it would be not good for the government if it fails to hold local elections by April.

VP Jha maintained that only political parties were capable of resolving the present crisis and ruled out any other alternative to it.

Referring to Hindu mythology whereby gods and demons churned the oceans to take out nectar, VP Jha said that political parties were yet to churn discussions to resolve the status quo.

Responding to the ongoing struggle between the government, opposition parties and the Presidency, Jha said that even if these forces don’t agree on tabling full budget, they should bring one third budget to keep the national economy floating .