Prachanda slapper’s father in town to meet son and Prachanda


Chitra Raj Bhandari, KATHMANDU:  Father of the man who slapped and blew off the specs of Nepal’s most power politician- Puspa Kamal Dahal aka “Prachanda” amid a public program, has reached Kathmandu.

Prem Bahadur Kunwar father of the Padam Kunwar, reached here on Thursday with an aim to meet his son and Prachanda himself by borrowing money from his neighborhood.

A committed Maoist and former Nepal Army soldier, Prem Bahadur disapproved his son’s action as an ‘decision taken in emotions’ and at the same time criticized Maoist cadres and police machinery for thrashing him, the Nepali newspaper Kantipur reported in its Friday edition.

The report said that Prem Bahadur has not been able to meet his son on Thursday. When he reached the district police cell at Hanuman Dhoka, he was redirected to another Nepal Police detention center at Maharjgunj. Kunwar senior expressed hope that he will meet his son on Friday morning.

Who is Padam Kunwar ?

Padam Kunwar (25)  is son of his ex-army father and Maoist party member father Prem Kunwar and ‘insane’ mother Hari Kumari. His mother had lost her sanity, during the Maoist insurgency due to the atrocities of the state security force as two of his brother and sister were fighting for the Maoist cause.

A permanent resident of Baglung Rajkot, Kunwar’s father had left the Nepal Army service in 2037 after seven years of service. Kunwar is one of the seven siblings of his parents.  Due to army background, the Kunwar family became the victim state security force’s atrocities and his father was forced to attend the district police office throughout the insurgency period.

Due to the atrocities that their father had to witness, two of the Kunwar’s siblings became permanent members of the Maoist party and became their PLAs. Due to this, state forces had tortured Kunwar’s mother and till now she becomes unconscious whenever she sees a combat dress, Prem Kunwar was quoted by the daily.

His son Tek Bahadur and daughter Pratima after fighting through out the insurgency period, have their injuries still unattended. And the mother Kunwar still remains insane though Prem Bahadur has already taken loans for treating her at the Patan mental hospital.

Padam Kunwar has been commmitted to the Maoist cause and during the CA elections had worked as YCL incharge of six Baglung VDCs.

Presently the Prem Kunwar has been disowned by both Maoist- UCPN Maoist and CPN Maoist. Despite having a family legacy which had dedicate all of their resources to the Maoist dream, Prem Kunwar languishes in Nepal Police’s custody for slapping the Prachanda- his former ideal and present disgust.