China-India are in consultation over Nepal issue: Envoy Houlan

Chinses Ambassador Yang Houlan

KATHMANDU: Chinese ambassador to Nepal, Yang Houlan has asserted that a stable and prosperous Nepal is in the best interest of China and India.

Speaking at the Reporters Club Nepal’s face-to-face program on Friday, Houlan informed that both China and India have been in constant communication over Nepal issues.

“China has more cooperation with India on Nepal affairs. It is good for our three countries”, said Houlan at the program presided by Reporters Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala.

Dispelling reports that China and Indian interests in Nepal were conflicting, envoy Houlan said, “In Nepal we support and trust each other” and added that trilateral cooperation between Nepal, China and India is beneficial for regional stability.

“China and India have been good neighbors and partners in regional and internal affairs,” Houlan said stressing on the mutual bilateral ties between New Delhi and Beijing.

While refuting any Chinese investments in the Southern plains of Nepal that would harm India, as reported by some Indian media, Houlan said that present Chinese development initiatives, including a hospital in Chitwan, is aimed at Nepal’s development.

“China’s involvement in Nepal is limited to support Nepal’s economic and social development and I think Nepal’s economic development is also in the interest of India,” Houlan said.

The Chinese ambassador said that China looked forward to increase communication with India on Nepal to support the latter’s development initiatives.

“Our prime minister during his recent visit to Nepal has said that we support Nepal’s relationship and cooperation with India while respecting Nepal’s sovereignty,” the envoy said.

Referring to journalist’s queries on Free Tibet Movement in Nepal and INGOs behind the movement, the Houlan said, “Some forces are using the Free Tibet Movement to check China’s development and stability.”

Conceding that the Nepal’s government might be facing pressure from these forces to act against China’s stability concerns, envoy Houlan lauded the role of Nepalese government and people in deterring these forces.
“The Nepalese government and people understand our concerns and know how to deal with those forces,” said Houlan adding, “ We have no problem in this regard.”

In a different context, the Chinese ambassador refuted claims that China had a take on the ongoing political confrontation between the Presidency and government in Nepal.
While denying that China favored any of these sides, Houlan said that Nepalese people and Nepal’s political parties are capable of choosing the best option for them.

However, the envoy stressed Nepal should resolve political status quo at the earliest through negotiations and dialogues and shift focus on economic and social development from political disputes.

Terming ongoing political status quo as unfortunate for Nepal’s development, the envoy expressed Beijing’s optimism that the Nepalese people will resolve it effectively by devising their own strategy.

Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan
Chinese Ambassador to Nepal HE Yang Houlan with Reporters Club President Rishi Dhamala at theClub on Friday, Nov 30, 2012 (Photo: Mukunda Kalikote)

Exemplifying China’s cultural revolution in the 70’s of the erstwhile century, Houlan expressed the belief that Nepal will also move towards development from the present crisis.

Responding to queries on China’s new leadership’s foreign policy, ambassador Houlan said that the new leadership would continue the nation’s non-interference policy in other nation’s internal affairs.

Stating that China will continue its initiative for a prosperous, peaceful and ecologically friendly world, Houlan said Nepal would continue as one of the priorities in the days ahead too.

Speaking on the occasion, Club’s President Rishi Dhamala lauded China’s cooperation in Nepal and the role played by Houlan in fostering bilateral ties between China and Nepal and bridging relationship with India too.