Nepal’s indigenous nationality leaders see ‘conspiracy’ in census report


KATHMANDU: Nepal’s indigenous nationalities leaders have slammed the recently published census report claiming that it is an conspiracy to downsize their population and thereby marginalize their revolution for identity.

Claiming that the report has been prepared with an intention of marginalized indegnous nationalities, General Secretary of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) Aang Kaji Sherpa warned that they were taking to street against the report.

Nepal’s interim constitution has declared the nation to be secular nation but Sherpa claimed that the department has tried to marginalise followers of other religion by showing that Hinduism is the dominant  religion.

” Most of the indigenous nationalities in Himalayan region are Buddhist, fifty percent of the Newars are Buddhist. In these circumstances how can the numbers of Hindus increase?” said Sherpa stating that they won’t accept the report.

The Federation has demanded that district based census should be released, the datas should be analysed in the presence of their representative, taking some resamples and re writing the report if any resamples contradict the data.

However, Nepal’s Central Statistics department refuted NEFIN’s claim stating that it had collected neutral data by practising data collection and analysis methods prescribed by the United Nations.

” We had collected data after holding intense discussions and trainings from expert” Departments Population department chief Rudra Suwal said adding ” we had prepared the report by analysing datas as we had collected.”