Why did Padam Kunwar slap Prachanda?


KATHMANDU: Nepal government’s high level inquiry commission has concluded that Padam Kunwar had slapped Maoist supremo Puspa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ in a fit of disdain and momentary impulse.

The high level commission formed by Nepal’s Home Ministry in its 200-page long report has claimed that Kunwar had slapped Prachanda after remembering his family’s condition, Nepali national daily newspaper Kantipur Dainik reported on Tuesday.

Stating that the incident was not pre-planned or organized, the report has further said that Kunwar had lost his temper after the Maoist leaders began to deliver speech by making party cadres in queue.

Quoting Kunwar the report claimed that Kunwar could not resist the divergence of the Maoist leaders from the promises that they had made during the insurgency period.

He has said that his family firmly believed in the promises made by the present Maoist leaders during the insurgency period and had therefore devoted their life to it. But upon having to wait in line and finding that they had deviated from that cause and remembering that his sister and brother have still bullets in their body, he lost his temper.

” While I was standing in the queue, I remembered my home, and the pathetic condition of my mother, sister and brother. I became very much sentimental and almost broke down,” the report quoted Kunwar.

” I had stood in the queue thinking of expressing my family’s sorrows but suddenly my hand slapped Prachanda,” Kunwar said adding ” And it seemed that I had slapped him tight,  I remember seeing Prachandaji’s spectacles falling down”.

However, Kunwar said that he slapped Prachanda because he was the first in the row to welcome and he had no control over his emotions at that time.

Kunwar has said that his family had joined the Maoist during the year 2000 and his family lost its peace due to it. He said that his brother Tek Bahadur Kunwar behaves erratically due to the side-effects of the bullet that he was shot while fighting for the Maoist in Beni attack.

He has also said that his sister, Pratibha Kunwar still has bullet remains in her hand since the Maoist insurgency. His mother has gone insane due to the torture given by the state forces during the insurgency for finding the whereabouts of his sister and brother.

Due to disturbed mentality his brother has many times beaten his father and family members and has been incapable of controlling his temper too.

Kunwar has further said that he had joined that Maoist party in 2006 but soon after joining the party had gone to Qatar for employment. He had returned home in 2008 thinking that his sister Pratibha might get ticket to fight for the Constituent Assembly from Baglung district.