Citizens should support President to step up: Nepal’s Vice President


KATHMANDU: At a time when lead politicians has returned to square one and failed to resolve political status quo, Nepal’s Vice President Parmananda Jha has asserted that the citizen should ask the President to act.

Speaking to a group of journalist’s delegation led by Reporters Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala, VP Jha said that the Nepalese should take the initiative and provide back support to President Ram Baran Yadav in taking more actions to resolve the ongoing national status quo.

” In present conditions the President cant do anything other than what he is doing. So, now the citizens from every corner of the nation should rise and provide back support to the President to take further actions,” VP Jha said hinting that the President might act if he is provided support from the citizenry.

Defending the President he said that latter should not be criticized in present conditions arguing that the he has already done whatever he is authorized to do by the constitution.

He called on Nepal’s civil society and citizen to support the President in taking further actions and criticize him only if he fails to fulfill their aspirations even after delivering him back support.

He lauded the use of Article 38 ( 1) of the Interim Constitution by the President stating that the use has forced political parties to focus on resolving status quo.

Referring to the recent controversy over the Presidents authority as ‘guardian’ and ‘patron’ of the constitution, Jha said that the Supreme Court should step forward and interpret the President’s authority.

” Interpretation of the President’s authority by political parties has created confusion. It is Supreme court’s responsibility to make the final and neutral interpretation,” Jha opined stating that such an interpretation would enable the President to determine actions.

Criticizing political parties leaders for centering on personal and partisan politics, Jha said that the Nepalese citizenry will rise if political parties fail to resolve the ongoing political impasse at the earliest.

VP Jha even went further and called on journalists and press to boycott leaders ‘who deflect from their statement every day’.

Pointing to the journalists, Jha said ” you dont provide importance to political party leaders for fifteen days. Protest against them by not printing their news.”

On the occasion, he accepted a memorandum from the Club’s President Dhamala and appreciated the initiative taken for forging consensus.