Congress should oblige with Maoist demands

sher bahadur deuba with rishi dhamala

KATHMANDU: Senior Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba has opined that this party leadership should accept the proposal forwarded by the Maoist if the Maoists pledge commitment to their agreement.

Speaking to Reporters Club Nepal’s delegation, the former Prime Minister said ” If NC does not smells betrayal in the Maoist proposal then it should be accepted. Its not necessary to distrusting always.”

Deuba expressed such opinion while responding to queries related the recent proposal floated by the UCPN Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal.

In his proposal, Dahal has proposed to form consensus government in Koirala’s leadership after the Bhattarai led government announces a date for CA elections and clears hurdles in holding CA elections.

Deuba further said that parties should not distrust Prachanda’s recent commitment to form consensus government within the present deadline.

” If you want to forge consensus, then mutual trust is important,” said Deuba suggesting party leadership to trust the Maoists recent proposal.

On queries related to resolving contentions related to the core issues of the constitution, Deuba asserted that question of forging consensus on outstanding constitutional issues at a time when parties are vying for CA elections, is pointless.

” We should go for CA elections by accepting fundamental principles, federalism and republicanism. All parties have agreed to federalism and the erstwhile NC-led government had itself endorsed republicanism.”

Deuba further added that the people should be given their right to make their own constitution and maintained that all issues should not be finalised through inter-party discussions and claimed that such contentions should be tested at the ballot.

He ruled out the possibility of forging consensus on forms of governance as proposed by the Maoist. He suggested the the Maoist to be more responsible towards garnering consensus rather then coming up with renewed terms every day.

On the occasion, Reporters Club Nepal President Rishi Dhamala presented a memorandum to Deuba and urged him to step up efforts to form consensus government within the present deadline given by the President.