Nepal’s hardliner Maoist takes to roads against war-crime prosecution

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s hardline CPN Maoist has taken to roads against the prosecution of some of its cadres on charges of murdering Dailekh based journalist Dekendra Thapa during the the insurgency.

A state committee of the party on Saturday organised a press meet to announce its protest programs demanding the immediate release of its accused cadres and prosecuting the case by forming the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission (TRC).

The Bheri Karnali Zonal committee of the party on Saturday announced plans that it would launch a series of protest programs which include full zone shutdown, holding agitation, protest rallies, among others.

The party has claimed that prosecuting five of its cadres on charges of murdering journalist Dekendra during the the insurgency through existing laws and courts was against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the Interim Constitution (IC).

Speakers at the announcement claimed that the detention of its five cadres was against the CPA and IC and accued that the Home affairs administration was acting under the influence of national and international power blocks to derail the peace process.

The party’s demand for the release of its cadres comes at a time when Nepal’s journalist, rights and social activists bodies are still on the road demanding the prosecution of Dekendra’s murderers.

See the Video of Late Journalist Dekendra Thapa that documenterain had recorded in 2003, a year before, Dekendra was buried alive by the CPN Maoist militia and cadres.