‘Intellectuals’ & foriegners inciting confrontation in Nepal: Oli


KATHMANDU: A senior CPN UML leader has claimed that some ‘so-called intellectuals’ and foreigners have been inciting confrontation between various political forces in Nepal.

K P Oli, who has been often noted for his bold statements and criticism, this time came down heavily upon these intellectuals and foreigners without pointing to any of them in particular.

He claimed that the recent confrontation between political parties has been a direct result of increasing foreign interventions in Nepal’s transitional fluid politics and claimed that the UCPN Maoist government has been manuvering these foreign elements in Nepal.

Referring to the ongoing confrontation between rights activists, western nations and the government over the prosecution of war crimes, Oli opined that the international forces were playing in Nepal by using the human rights card and added that some Nepali so called intellectuals were aiding these forces.

Accusing the Maoists of deviating from their pledges time and again, he claimed that PM Bhattarai’s lust for power was hindering the stabilisation of politics in the country.

Speaking in a party program organised in the Eastern region, Oli asserted that all political parties should come together and fight against the foreign interventions.