My party will pay the travel bills, Nepal’s Maoist PM says

KATHMANDU: For being criticized by a section of media for his extravagancy and making many expenses in helicopter charters, Nepal’s Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has challenged such allegations saying that his party—the richest political party in the country—would pay all the cost incurred in his trips.

Prime Minister Dr Bhattarai who is also the vice-chairman of the UCPN (Maoist) said, “I am ready to exhibit all the bills that I spent in helicopters charters while visiting the party’s programs in the district. My party will pay all my expenses.”

Talking over phone to the commoners in a monthly program of state-owned Radio Nepal, the prime minister also criticized some media for being prejudiced and monolithic.

The Prime Minister who spent much of his time for making clarifications on his poor performances said his government failed to meet the people’s expectations due to lack of new budget and oppositions’ obstructions.

On a separate context, the Prime Minister said Commissioner of Kathmandu Valley Town Development Authority Keshav Sthapit was sacked for his ‘worst’ performance, not because he failed to ‘pay’ cash to Hisila, Prime Minister’s wife.

Sthapit has been saying he was sacked after he refused to pay a handsome amount to Hisila and her team.

“My government sacked him after he failed to work as per the government directives. He just ran after I/NGOs. He was sacked by the suggestions from the top level bureaucrats and all stakeholders,” he argued.