Khanal upbeat to topple Bhattarai-led government from street protests

jhalnath Khanal

ILAM: Opposition party CPN (UML) Chairman Jhalanath Khanal tody warned of toppling the Bhattarai-led government through the anti-government demonstrations.

Like before, the street protests are enough to topple the current government,” he said.

The opposition parties are not for boycotting any political party but they want to end the totalitarian practice of the Maoists, Khanal told a press meet in Ilam, at his hometown.

Khanal said the achievements attained in the CA could be incorporated in the new constitution if the political parties reach to a consensus even today.

The opposition parties were compelled to come to street protests as the government alliance has resorted to confrontation instead of presenting it more responsibly to create an environment for dialogue, said UML Chairman Khanal.

He said the fresh CA elections were possible in October if it was not possible by May, but for this, political parties need to forge consensus, he said.